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10 Best Kits in Premier League History

New season new kits, this is what we as fans of the beautiful game have become accustom to shelling out stupid amounts of money on a shirt that's only going to last one season.

Some kits thought are worth there weight in gold and one of them on the list might be gold.

Let's count down the top 10 kits in Premier League history

10. Swindon Town Home 93/94

Alright on this one I'm biased, as a Swindon Town supporter despite not even be alive till December of 93 this shirt represents the last time my mighty home town were at the top of their game in English football.

The kit features the old but classic diamond logo which I still rate as better than the current one, an old oil company that doesn't exist anymore as our sponsor and a kit manufacturer called Loki (I thought he was a Norse god).

The pattern on the red makes it look like a classic Liverpool jersey shame they never played like them and were relegated straight back down to Division 1, what I would give to be back in the promise land. COYR! (Come on your red).

9. Coventry City Home 92/93

Coventry might be recovering now as Birmingham City's tenants but back in the 90's at Highfield Road they had a team and kit to be reckoned with.

The Sky blues lovely home kit is once again made better by iconic sponsor Peugeot (before they shut their factory in the City) and manufacture by Ribero who also manufactured a decent Charlton Athletic home jersey to, a shout must go to their away kit to which is once again another beautiful design.

Mickey Quinn was top goal scorer this season and the club finished well above the Premier League relegation zone in 15th position above the likes of Leeds and Ipswich Town.

8. Portsmouth Home 08/09

Yes I know another home kit but this one is special as it marks the beginning of the end for Pompy and whilst they wouldn't be relegated in this season it was the first season they started to struggle having won the FA Cup the season prior under Harry Redknapp who departed for Tottenham during the season.

Wearing the traditional Blue associated with Pompy but this year with gold trim to underline the success they were having. Manufactured by Canterbury who were making their debut in the Premier League but always had been a traditional manufacturer of Rugby kits.

This season will always be remembered as that season Pompy were in the UEFA Cup, the gaffer left an Arsenal legend (Tony Adams) took over and completely blew it.

7. West Bromwich Albion Away 02/03

If it looks like a 90s kit badge like a 90s kit but isn't then you must be talking about West Brom 2002/2003.

As we live in the era of nostalgia this would be the perfect kit to bring back, it reminds me of a simpler time when men where men and Chelsea were still mediocre.

The away kit is this hauntingly beautiful yellow and green combination to reflect classic away kits. The home kit is also a very traditional kit and not bad to look at either.

The best bit about this kit and probably the best bit about the season to be honest, is that the club manufactured their kits in house which no one ever does except Southampton one season and if you count Wigan (but we'll get onto that later).

6. Charlton Athletic Away 98/99

I'm going to state this now I love symbols on sleeves it makes me happy in all the right places, like ASMR tingles on the brain, they are just so satisfying because no one puts anything but logos and sponsors on sleeves now, not like on this classic Charlton kit.

Made by Le Coq Sportif (giggity) and an unusual cream colour it's not a football kit it is a work of art!

Shame this beautiful kit didn't stop Charlton being relegated back to Division 1 cementing themselves as the yoyo club of the era, oh what they would do to be that club now.

5. Wigan Athletic Home 05/06

I often joke about Wigan having no supporters because they're a Rugby league town and couldn't sell out a game against Man United.

This home kit marked their debut in the top flight and I was a fan (back then). A traditional club logo met with modern kit design and iconic sponsor in JJB Sports who manufactured the kit as well. Although I'm going to count it as an inhouse job as Dave Whelan then owner of Wigan owned JJB.

Wigan had quite the season going on a mammoth run the sorted of ended in the last few games with loss after loss missing out on the UEFA Cup but finishing a very respectable 10th.

4.Wolverhampton Wanderers Home 03/04

Before Wolves were signing all of Sporting Lisbon's players and had money up to their eyeballs, they were just another West Midlands club in the shadow of Aston Villa.

This kit I wanted to place higher but when it came down to it, the kit itself is an ok kit by Admiral but that sponsor is awesome! Leicester City can have Walkers because Wolves have Doritos (even though they're the same company).

At least Wolves kit made you hungry for something cause their quality of football would have starved you of any joy. Promoted the previous season this was a one season wonder but what a kit it was.

3. Newcastle United Away 98/99

This is where I get hot under the collar because this kit is sexy af! Full disclosure I owned this kit as a kid the blue and golden yellow Adidas stipes down the sleeve that iconic sponsor of Newcastle Brown Ale.

I wanted to wear any kit my hero Alan Shearer would wear and this was the best for me of all the Newcastle kits.

I think I disappointed my Man Utd supporting father when I chose to support Newcastle but who cares I think I looked cool in this shirt.

A bad season for the magpies with the sacking of Kenny Dalglish and the appointment of Rudd Gullit who allegedly didn't like Alan Shearer, the club finished a poor 13th considering they had been tittle contenders last few seasons. However hope was just around the corner the following season as Gullit left and in came Sir Bobby Robson legend!

2. Manchester United Home 98/99 & 99/00

A Premier League top ten list without Manchester United, Is that even legal?

The kit home jersey for that treble winning season and the subsequent one where they retained the league heading into the new millennium against Arsenal.

Remember what I said about sleeve designs this is another classic example of that and if only Umbro made kits like this still.

The unmistakable kit of the greatest team in England at the time and one Ole Gunnar Solskjær played for the club, I wonder what happened to him?

  1. Arsenal Away 01/02

Our final entry and before I get started on this kit, Arsenal's home kit from this season is also a beauty, especially in the Champions League with the parallel black lines down the white sleeves encompassing the CL logo.

But whilst the home kit is the coolest kit, this gold kit does all sorts of things to me that would be to risqué to mention.

If I had this shirt I would never wear anything else, why would you want to? It's GOLD! plus it's from an era where SEGA still made games consoles (Dreamcast) and whilst on Fifa 2001 & 2002 the sponsor wasn't featured on Arsenal kits it's still the best and most iconic Premier League jersey of all time.

The one match that sticks in my head is the Manchester United vs Arsenal match at Old Trafford and Arsenal won one-nil, Roy Keane on player cam but I was so happy for Arsenal despite being a Newcastle fan at the time.

That's our list, which kit did you think was best let us know in the comments down below.

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