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  • Danny Harrington

Argylle is a bit of a dud!

Matthew Vaughn's latest offering at the box office the spy-action comedy Argylle, featuring star power in the form of Henry Cavill, John Cena, Bryce Dallas-Howard and Sam Rockwell.

To say the trailer does not do this film a good service is an understatement, the trailer for this film feels like an entirely different movie.

See the cast isn't what you'd think, yes, the trailer portrays Henry Cavill as the titular character of the fictional book within the movie, but you also have a good portion of that trailer featuring John Cena and Dua Lipa neither of which are in the movie that often, it's a blink and you’ll miss it moment. In fact, Dua Lipa is probably in less than fifteen minutes of this film despite taking a big part of the trailer for the film and whilst we find out why her character is important later in the film and I won’t spoil the twists in the movie because there are a lot of them.

The film is sort of the worst bits of the newer Kingsman films, it’s sort of nonsensical and incredibly silly plot. The one thing I thought whilst watching this movie is if you’ve seen one Matthew Vaughn movie you’ve probably seen them all. The same actors pop up that have been in Vaughn’s more recent films and the inevitable scene that’s full of every colour known to mankind.

It would seem also the box office agrees as it’s had a cumbersome time so far, with a $17 million opening in North America off a reported $200 million budget.

It's a 3/10 from us.

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