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  • Danny Harrington

Sonic Prime Review

Updated: Jan 25


Netflix's latest venture into the video game world achieved mixed results, from a first season that felt like the story was very copy and paste from episode to episode with Sonic exploring a new world in most of the episodes being transferred between the different world of the "shatterverse".

A quick FYI to episode one, Dr. Eggman discovers a rock that contains power which no one could fathom called 'the Paradox Prism', this shatters because Sonic decides to hit the rock full power whilst trying to stop Robotnik which destroys the universe.

In the season one episodes we meet various different variations of sonic usual gang of characters, with some very different takes on Amy Rose as a robot working for the chaos council which itself is a council of different version of Dr. Eggman including for some reason a baby version of Robotnik.

It's in this New Yolk City episode we meet robot Amy, the chaos council and Sonic's new BFF a variation on Miles 'Tails' Prower called Nine because he's got nine tails. This version of Tails much like the one we're use to is a genius but because Sonic was never around in this universe Nine is untrusting of anyone including Sonic.

In the other worlds we meet pirate version of the gang including pirate Knuckles who might just be my favourite character other than Shadow who doesn't really features in the first season. We also get what i'll refer to as the jungle crew, a group of sonics friends that live in a world where Green Hill is just a jungle protected by a slightly crazy Amy Rose.

In season two we get everyone's favourite dark hedgehog 'Shadow' who's here to basically kick Sonic's ass for destroying their world, which we soon discover is more a ghost world now like Amy, Tails and Knuckles are there but it's like their on answering machine.

We discover that Sonic is the only one able to travel between the different worlds and Shadow can only exist in the space between world, but can't directly help Sonic who trust the variation of Tails 'Nine' to bring the Paradox Prism back together and restore his home.

Shadow warns Sonic that 'Nine' isn't the Tails he knows and he can't trust him, which Sonic brushes off (naively). This season the Chaos council this group of Eggman variants chase Sonic to rebuild the Paradox Prism themselves and get ultimate power in the universe.

Season two end with Shadow being right, Nine betrays Sonic after discovering how he can rebuild the Paradox Prism himself 'Nine' decided to build his own world in his image originally with Sonic in mind however Sonic doesn't want the same thing as the Tails variant and therefore Nine goes off alone.

The third and final season see's Sonic and Shadow attempt to stop Nine destroying the universe as Nine can't control the power of the Paradox Prism although he gives it his best shot. Sonic brings together the ultimate team of the variants we've met plus a strange allegiance with the Chaos Council.

Shadow insists that Nine must be taken out whilst Sonic believes Nine can be reasoned with as he only see's his friend Tails. In the end Sonic is right, he does convince Nine that they must rebuild the Shatterverse together using the power Sonic gained from the Paradox Prism to bring everything together and recreate Green Hill and the other worlds.

So that the show, but season one has a lot repetitiveness in it, season two is probably the best overall season and season three has some great individual episodes such as the final battle episodes but the second and third episodes feel like filler.

Since we were meant to get eight episodes per season and only got seven episodes in season 3 it does feel like the writers just ran out of where they could go with it. But if you're thinking how important is this to the Sonic cannon, then I've got some good news for you because this show get erased from the universe right at the end of the show, I blame Shadow for that.

Overall it's a fun show which is a solid 7/10 and I will totally be rewatching this, I do have to say though the outro theme for the show is an absolute banger and is now my ringtone because I'm sad.

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