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When WWE's Vince McMahon almost bought a Premier League Club

No Chance! I hear you say but wait a minute because in 2014 there was a crazy rumour going around that the WWE Chairman and owner Vincent Kennedy McMahon was going to buy none other than Newcastle United!

Newcastle for those that don't know is a club in the North-East of England and is a very well supported team that has always been less successful than they really should be. But now days they have that sweet middle eastern oil money to take them forward.

But under the dark days of Mike Ashley's ownership with the club being a dictionary definition of the phrase 'mid' as Mike Ashley turned the club into a profitable entity but not one that would ever win the league unless that league was the Championship.

Reported allegedly by a company called 'winner sports' which is now defunct, it was alleged that the proprietor of sports entertainment wanted to buy the magpies of Newcastle.

However much like Vince's WWE theme music there was "No Chance in Hell" of this happening and it fizzled out not long after the story broke but that didn't stop mainstream media falling over themselves reporting on it.

So the Premier League avoided a stunner, but Newcastle supporters still got a taste of a 'rock bottom' when they were relegated from the Premier League two years later to the Championship.

That was that, although I'm sure plenty of magpies fans would have loved Vince to stroll in, walk up to Mike Ashley and say the immortal words "YOU'RE FIRED!".

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