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Crisis on Infinite Earths part 1 Review (Spoilers)

So here we are it's time for the Arrowverse corssover for this year. For those that don't know the Arrowverse is the CW's connected DC tv shows, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwomen and Legends of Tomorrow.


So lets review it in glorious detail bit by bit, starting with the opening Easter eggs and crossovers. We start in Earth-89 the home of Michael Keaton's Batman then Earth-9 which we will call Titans earth with Hawke and Jason Todd Robin making a cameo appearance so I suppose Doom Patrol is there somewhere. Then moving on the Earth-66 and Gotham where you'll find Adam West's Batman and Burt Ward's Robin with a nice 60's Robin catchphrase.

The episode proper starts with Will Wheaton preaching about the end of the world this takes place on Earth-38 aka Supergirl's home. This where the heroes make their first stand as Anti-Monitor.

This episode is the perfect start to this cinematic saga. If you've got a hangover from Avengers Endgame these next five hours of TV will cure that hangover.

The big SPOILER from the episode is the death of Green Arrow, Oliver saved a billion more souls according to the Monitor with his "noble sacrifice".

This is only the first episode but we're all pumped for the remaining episodes heading into 2020. We still have to meet Brandon Routh's Kingdom Come Superman which is the same Superman Brandon played in Superman Returns which means Christopher Reeves Superman universe becomes Kingdom Come.

In addition to the Reeves/Routh Superman we still are yet to reacquaint with Tom Welling's Smallville Superman and Kevin Conroy's Batman which I assume means he's playing a live action version of the Batman from the Animated series (does that mean Mark Hamil is the Joker in this universe?).

Crisis continues tonight on Batwoman 7/8 Central on the CW.

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