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Crisis on Infinite Earths part 2 (Spoilers)

Last nights episode of Batwoman we met a number of new characters and saw some old faces.

So SPOILERS for our review of Episode 2 of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

So this episode starts with the team still reeling from the death of the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell). The team require a version of the Waverider, however Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) informs them that she promised her team (The Legends) that they don't have to do the crossover in the most meta line in the episode.

Harbinger (Audrey Marie Anderson) goes to Earth-74 to find Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) it is quickly explained in this universe that the Legends have retired. From there the story splits into three as Iris, Earth-38 Superman and his Louise Lane go on a hunt for the paragon of Truth whom is described as a Kryptonian that has suffered loss no mortal man could bare.

We also have Batwoman and Supergirl travel to meet the Batman of Earth-99.

This is a great episode and has the long hyped cameos of Kingdom Come Superman in his super cool black and red S logo. A subplot of the hunt for the paragon of truth is Lex Luthor armed with the Book of Destiny given to him by the Monitor is going universe to universe killing Superman.

Lex even stops off in Smallville to get punched in the face by the now powerless Tom Welling Superman. Lex gets bored killing Superman endless times so he uses the Book of Destiny to corrupt Kingdom Come Superman (Brandon Routh) into killing Earth-38 Superman (Tyler Hoechlin).

Like many DC comic fans I love Kingdom Come, I particularly love the Superman of Kingdom Come who is much more complex than the happy go lucky boy scouting the original comics and more believable than the stupid Injustice Superman.

There is a brief moment at the end of the episode where Supergirl says to Kingdom Come Superman that "Ray you got jacked" which is a pretty awkward way of talking to your cousin and also playing on the doppelganger situation.

In the Batwoman & Supergirl part of the episode we meet Earth-99 Batman who is a broken old man who requires an Exoskeleton to move.

It is soon revealed the reason this Batman (Kevin Conroy) is so broken, he picked a fight with that worlds Superman which ended with the Bat killing Superman.

When Supergirl finds out this fact she confronts Batman alongside Batwoman. Batman then tried to kill Supergirl but ends up being killed by accident by Batwoman.

This part of the show was once again excellent, anyone else feeling a Supergirl & Batwoman crossover show, Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) & Rubby Rose (Batwoman) have excellent chemistry.

The third and final part of this crossover see's Sara Lance, The Flash, Constantine and Mia Smoke try to find a version of Earth with a functional Lazarus pit to revive Oliver. Though as anyone that's seen the Arrowverse version of the Lazarus Pit knows that whilst Oliver comes back in body he does not come back in soul.

Personally I think this version of Green Arrow (Earth-1) should remain dead. Obviously Stephen Amell has to play his part in the cross over but why not an alternate Earth Oliver Queen.

Throw in the Black Lightning episode as an additional fourty minutes of Crisis. Black Lighting will appear in the Flash and will be piloting the Waverider.

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