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Has Ed Sheeran Joined The Mile High Club?

Ed Sheeran may have opened up about his sex life in his new album “Equals.”

And it would seem in his new music that he confesses to joining the mile high club with his wife 29-year-old consultant Cherry Seaborn, Ed sings: “We made love in the sky, overslept and missed the Northern Lights.”

Later he adds: “We’ve watched the blossom fall to earth like snow, fumbled in cubicles in Tokyo.”

Last week, Ed said he would love to have more children with his wife – after they welcomed their daughter, Lyra, in September last year.

He said in an interview: “I’d love more kids man, I’d love it, but it does all depend on what Cherry wants too because it’s her body, “I’m really proud of Cherry as a mother. She’s such an incredible human, I’m just in awe.”

Ed also revealed in an interview with Kiss Breakfast that he's terrified of a potential ghost haunting his mansion saying: "“I have a house on my property that’s haunted. There’s a room at the top where there is a trapdoor in it...

“But the people that would live there. It’s from the 1400s and definitely haunted. Definitely.

“If people know about it they don’t sleep in it . . . it’s just the one room. One room at the top.

Spooky stuff on the Sheeran's £3.7 Million pound estate.

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