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Notes On A Conditional Form Review

The 1975 are back with their latest album Notes on A Conditional Form, seemingly meant as a companion piece to A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships this album took 19 months to make, what to make of it?

First off it’s a very long album 22 tracks around 80 minutes in length so there isn’t going to be a track by track break down but it can be a chore to sit through it really depends the mood you’re in. However there are some amazing tracks on this album which are seemingly inspired by different things.

There is a speech by Greta Thunberg with a nice backing track bought to it, that’s really all I can say on that one without getting political.

Birthday Party is the first track that strikes me with some country vibes to the record which is surprising to hear even for a band that has become very experimental is there sound is recent years, the song has references to lead singer Matt Healy’s drug use in it’s opening lyrics, not only that but the song references American band Pinegrove and allegations of assault against its front man Even Stephens Hall.

It’s here we get a big contrast in the album because the following track sounds like a soft dubstep record and really doesn’t sit well with the more folk and country sounds of The Birthday Party Song, I’m talking about track seven called Yeah I Know which has a dance indie vibe to it which is super cool but seems out of place and that’s the biggest [problem with the album all the tracks go together as well as gears grinding in a clock tower.

This is an album from a band at a stage where experimenting with sound and asking questions of society is of the upmost importance to them, look at Jesus Christ God Bless America 2005 which sees Matt Healy question his own morality.

If you’re a fan of classic The 1975 then the track for you is definitely If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know) which features a backing appearance from FKA Twigs. Also check you the Me & You Together Song Probably the best song on the album sort of reminds you of noughties pop rock.

At this point if you’re a 1975 and you like where the band went with their last album experimenting with their sound to keep it fresh then you’re going to like this album, the tracks are good for any lockdown party, but as stated not all the tracks sit well next to each other but it’s not as bad as the Independent gave it!

We give it 3/5.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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